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I am attorney James M. Dombroski, and I have been a practicing lawyer for 40 years. With my solo practice, the Law Offices of James M. Dombroski, in Petaluma, California, I represent a variety of clients, including small businesses and consumers in business litigation, beneficiaries in trust disputes and more.

My focus is on upholding justice for small businesses and individuals when they are being abused by more powerful people and institutions. My passion for economic justice is what drove me to become a lawyer and it continues to drive me in my career today.

James M. Dombroski

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California is world-famous for its startup companies and other small businesses that take great ideas and turn them into life-changing new products and services. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult for a small business to compete with bigger businesses who have the resources to crowd the market, preventing smaller businesses from ever attracting the audience they deserve. At times, big companies go even farther, using unethical and illegal practices to quash competition.

I help with a variety of issues, including:

  • Unfair business practices

  • Unfair trade practices

  • Antitrust issues

  • Price-fixing

  • Interference with business opportunities

  • California's Cartwright Act and unfair competition statutes

  • Federal Sherman Act

I know the pressures small businesses face, and that's why it's important to me to provide them with the kind of high-quality legal representation they might otherwise only find at a much more expensive large law firm. I have been practicing law for 40 years, and I have litigated against some of the biggest corporations in the nation. I have learned strategies and procedures to resolve business disputes more quickly and cost-effectively.


I represent beneficiaries in disputes over trusts, protecting their property rights when trustees and financial institutions abuse their authority. I have the skill to help beneficiaries in these complex and sometimes emotionally difficult cases.

Trusts can be very powerful and effective ways to protect assets and provide for loved ones and charities. I have served as a trustee for a number of charitable and family trusts, and I know the good they can do. Unfortunately, not every trust operates as well as it should, and legal disputes over trusts are notoriously difficult to resolve. I represent beneficiaries of trusts in litigation against banks, professionals and other types of trustees, protecting their property rights and helping to make sure trusts are used for their intended purposes.


Argument for the Pele Defense Fund at the Court of Appeal via Big Island Video News

I believe very strongly in using my skill and experience for the public good. I am committed to upholding justice, and so I devote a portion of my practice to pro bono work. I have long worked on behalf of Native Hawaiian groups, protecting their rights as an attorney for the Pele Defense Fund.