Standing Up

For Your Economic Rights

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Protecting Small Businesses

When big businesses are engaging in unfair practices, California and federal laws provide ways for small businesses to protect themselves. However, big businesses have resources that small businesses can’t match, and they can make it very difficult for consumers and small businesses to stand up for themselves.If you find yourself in this situation, you need a skilled, experienced lawyer on your side.I am attorney James M. Dombroski, and I have been an attorney for more than 35 years. I have litigated against some of the biggest corporations in the nation, and I know what it takes to protect your rights against unfair business practices.

Beneficiary Rights And Other Matters

In addition to antitrust and unfair competition matters, I also work in several other somewhat unusual practice areas where I can protect the rights of individuals.

I represent beneficiaries in disputes over trusts, protecting their property rights when trustees and financial institutions abuse their authority. I have the skill to help beneficiaries in these complex and sometimes emotionally difficult cases.

I am committed to upholding justice, and so I devote a portion of my practice to pro bono work. I have long worked on behalf of native Hawaiian groups, protecting their rights.

If You Need An Experienced Business Lawyer

For experienced legal representation in trust disputes, business litigation and other matters, call the Law Offices of James M. Dombroski today at 866-231-5421 or email me to schedule a free initial consultation. I know the pressures you face when you need legal help, so I try to make my services cost-effective and efficient for you.

Located in Petaluma, California, I represent small businesses, beneficiaries, individuals and other clients in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and throughout Northern California. I also represent clients in Hawaii.


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